At Green Pinky Farms, we believe that all of your should have the best cannabis flowers that the Multnomah Channel Region has to offer. We agree that you should have it all, the looks, the intended potency and the nose. Naturally sun grown, the quality of love is yours to consume.
The medical component of Cannabis is how our industry has been able to do what we do as farmers today. So in our effort to continue providing medicine for our communities. We believe in sharing cannabis strains we have grown ourselves and other community producers have grown. We as a farm have popped seeds of strains that we want everyone to share with us and we also produce flowers of clone strains from other farms. We as a farm will share with you our experience with each strain so you may choose what is best for you. Our goals is to give to you as a patient or user the medicine you choose to take care of yourself.
It's important that we as a community remember that Cannabis become legal because of the medical community. Cannabis Genetic Diversification is important to our recreational uses today as it is to the medical community. We believe that all users of cannabis should have the option to choose what cannabinoid and terpene medicine they should intake. Recreationally or medically, the more diverse your strain option is as a user, the safer we will all be in ensuring what works for us as users. We support your choice.