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Green Pinky Farms is a small family operated farm nestled on the Multnomah Channel. The farm’s location supports our minimalist farming practices by utilizing existing CO2 from the highway, native fertile water retentive soil, and an abundance of natural sunlight.

Our mission is to cultivate a variety of genetic diverse cannabis strains with organic living soil while awaiting each strain to reach its potential. Survival of the fittest.

Our Pinky Promise to you is to provide wholesome cannabis that we would be proud to share with our family, friends and community.

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At Green Pinky Farms, we believe that all of your should have the best cannabis flowers that the Multnomah Channel Region has to offer. We agree that you should have...
The medical component of Cannabis is how our industry has been able to do what we do as farmers today. So in our effort to continue providing medicine for our...
Genetic Diversification
It's important that we as a community remember that Cannabis become legal because of the medical community. Cannabis Genetic Diversification is important to our recreational uses today as it is...

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We seasonally cultivate cannabis flowers and clones that is up to you to choose for your use.

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